Parenting coordinator meeting with couple
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Parenting Coordination

PARENTING COORDINATORS – WHO ARE THEY? Parenting coordinators are neutral professionally trained practitioners who work with parents who are often engaged in conflict following their separation. Parenting coordinators act in a non-confidential…

Family Courts Update

We previously announced that there was a review of the Family courts system underway.  The Federal Attorney General today (30 May 2018) announced that despite the review not being completed and reported by March 2019 the Government has decided…

Review of Family Courts by Commonwealth Government

The Attorney General has announced a long overdue review of the family law system.  It is something that we have been advocating for some time as we have seen that the system is now failing families.  There are many reasons why, not the least…

Sharing & Caring parenting after separation

An article by Randal Binnie. Having practiced family law for almost 25 years, I have seen many changes in the Family Law Act, predominantly concerning children. At the time of the commencement of the Family Law Act in 1976 we lived in…

The Magic of Mediation

I have had more than one lawyer say to me “Let’s see what magic you can do today”. They were talking about how mediation results in agreement. Is it magic? Well no, but it is amazing how seemingly uncompromising positions can ultimately…