What our clients say

My ex-partner and I were thankfully in an amicable position regarding our property settlement and we were looking for a simple pathway to facilitate it through the Courts. Mark and his team were able to offer us straightforward advice and help us avoid any pitfalls along the way. I’d sat down with other firms, but after the initial chat with Mark, it was obvious that there was no other choice for who we’d be moving forward with.

I was extremely fortunate that my new partner had identified Family Lawyers and Mediation Services as one of my legal choices to assist in gaining access to my children.  I was having no luck mediating with the mother of my children independently and knew I required help.  Immediately after my initial appointment, I knew right away that Mark and his team were the ones to select.  

Marks friendly demeanour and in-depth knowledge of not only the Family Law legislation but also his ability to select the ‘best way approach’ to any given situation were second to none.  Many times throughout the process I was frustrated and I guess anxiety also played a part, I mean this was about me gaining access to my children after all.

You hear the nightmare stories of how this process will cost you your life’s savings (and sanity) but I can honestly say that Mark explored all options prior to Court and in my case this approach worked (eventually agreeing on a Consent Order).  

For Mark, going to court was absolutely a last resort, not a first choice option.  Not only did this approach save a vast sum of money, but also a lot of frustration.  More importantly, his approached ensured resolution much earlier than a prolonged court hearing. 

I would 100% recommend Mark and his team.  I hope to ‘never’ be in this situation again, but if I were, I would have no hesitation choosing Family Lawyers and Mediation Services to represent me again.   

Thank you for a job extremely well done and thankyou for helping me get timely access to my children. 

The breakdown of my marriage of 45years was a very traumatic experience and finding the right legal firm was a very daunting prospect.

From my first meeting with Mark Francis he was reassuring, and understanding and I knew I had someone who would stand up for my rights. Throughout the whole legal process Mark helped me take the emotion out of it as he explained and advised me of what my options were, the legal processes and what to expect and in my case it was not an easy journey.

Throughout the whole process Mark and his Secretary Tamara were understanding and supportive and I helped me become a stronger person. I would highly recommend Family Lawyers and Mediation Services.

I was provided the details for Mark Francis Family Law and Mediation Services through a friend who had been through a similar process.  From the initial meeting with Mark, I knew immediately that his team were right for me in helping me through the legal process to obtain access to my children.  His experience in this field spoke for itself, his professional and personal mannerisms just supported this, nothing was too much trouble for Mark or his team.

On many occasions throughout the process,  I was required to contact Mark (or his team) at short notice and he was always prompt in his reply and provided sound advice with empathy and understanding.  Quite clearly, the whole process is an emotional and highly stressful time, however, I can say that Mark and his team made this process a much more relaxed, informative and comfortable process.

Through Marks involvement and professional guidance I was able to gain access to my children through the form of a parenting plan.  I would highly recommend Mark and his team at Family Law and Mediation services for a job brilliantly done.

I have had very good experience with those lawyers.
Correct people who try to give you the best advice,
don’t just waste your time to take you more money as some of them do. I highly recommend them.

Family Lawyers and Mediation Services were recommended to me by a couple of my friends who had used them for separation/divorce purposes. I had an initial consultation with Mark Francis to discuss my separation rights, and whilst this meeting was daunting to me, Mark was friendly and compassionate and provided advice and guidance to me in what to expect in the months to follow. FLMS also advised me of action to take during separation and post divorce in relation to wills etc.

Mark and staff at Family Lawyers and Mediation Services were always polite and helpful, and always knew what stage my separation was at. Whilst this was a difficult stage in my life, their professionalism and reassurance throughout the entire process assisted in reducing stress levels. I particularly liked this is a small company, which means the service is very personal, and staff know who you are when you call to discuss your case.

From a financial point of view, I was extremely happy with the costs incurred for legal services. I was always kept up to date with breakdown of costs, and there were no hidden surprises or large sums owing at the end of my separation. I would gladly recommend Family Lawyers and Mediation Services to anyone needing legal advice for the reasons mentioned above.

“Thank you for your hard work in assisting us to reach an agreement….  I feel that you facilitated getting to a good, workable outcome for both of us and of course, the children.  “Thank you again for your patience and persistence.  I will definitely be recommending you to any friends who need a mediator to help them before they go down the costly and painful litigation route.”

Thanks for all your help (Randal), I really appreciate it. You have been a fantastic solicitor to deal with during such a difficult time, you have always helped put my mind at ease, so thank you.

Mark Francis and his team at FLMS were my chosen representative in a very stressful, complicated and difficult time which not only included property matters but also parenting.

Mark from day one made the process seem less stressful and made me feel comfortable and confident throughout the situation. Mark was extremely professional and extremely knowledgeable with having many years experience and expertise in the family law field.

The path that we chose to finalise the matter was explained in detail along with strategies and communication at all times on how we could reach our end result. My matter was finalised with the outcome in which I desired. The way in which my matter was handled always made me confident in their recommendations and decisions and I would highly recommend Mark and the team at FLMS to anyone as their “right” choice in any family law matter.

Many thanks for your professionalism, wisdom and support during the mediation sessions. You made it easy to talk with you. I appreciate the process you implemented. I found it very fair and successful; resolving many issues and maintaining good communication between us for the future.
Mediation Client of Randal Binnie

Many thanks for your help and assistance with everything, it hasn’t been an easy road for any of us. Again, thank you and your team for all the hard work you have invested in this process – this is a very good outcome for the kids.

Thanks so much for your professional help in this matter and I appreciate all the trouble Randal and his Staff have gone to in helping me in this most difficult time in my life.

Dear Mark,

I am writing to thank you and all of your staff for the wonderful work they did for me in my recent Court Case to reach a settlement after my divorce. Both you and all your staff were wonderful, everyone was very professional and efficient but still found time to be polite, helpful and very caring. I am very glad that I came to your company for the Settlement during the court case I was diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment.

The staff at your company could not have been more helpful if they had been family. I will never forget all the good work, help and kindness received from them all. If I or any of my friends should need legal services in the future I would not hesitate to recommend Family Law and Mediation Services. They are truly a very honest Law firm and I thank you all.

I’ve just finalised a protracted Property Settlement saga against an opposing lawyer determined to gouge fees from my ex-wife by using every trick in the book to drag out a simple settlement for 18 long months, then in the end agree to what I proposed on day one. Mark Francis was very impressive in keeping me focused on the end-game, and his counsel was spot-on every time. Every $ of fees I paid produced an important outcome. There is no better recommendation in a profession noted for both parties ending up hating each other, and feeling cheated by their former spouse and especially their lawyers. He was referred to me by a former client and I will definitely do the same.

Hi Mark,

Well it is Friday evening and as I sit and reflect on what happened in my day I just wish to reiterate my thanks for your straight forward advice this morning.


A big thank you to Randal Binnie and Samantha Scurr-Passfield-Moore for all of the hard work you have both put in to ensure I received a reasonable settlement. Without your expertise and ongoing support throughout my marriage settlement I would not be receiving as much as I now will be. The various hurdles that blocked us because of an uncompliant ex-husband you managed to overcome in a professional, understanding and patient manner. Additionally, because of my current financial status, letting me pay yours and the barristers fees upon receiving some of the settlement funds has been greatly appreciated as I would not have been able to proceed without the financial assistance provided by your Company.
I highly recommend Family Lawyers & Mediation Services.

I recently concluded a divorce and asset split which was dealt with by Family Lawyers and Mediation Services. The specific lawyer involved with myself was Mark Francis. I felt it prudent to write regarding my experience with the firm and with Mark himself as my matter was messy, protracted and drawn out.

Throughout this process both myself and new partner were required to have several meetings with Mark to discuss a variety of issues. We were always treated with respect and confidentiality and given clear concise instruction in language that we could understand. It was also nice to feel relaxed in that environment and be able to have a laugh also if the situation warranted it.

We were given a series of well laid out options and likely scenarios and he was able to adequately resolve issues and solve each problem as it came to hand. This in turn gave me confidence in the way my matter was handled and at no stage did I feel I had made the wrong choice of firm to best handle the situation.

Mark prior to a particular court appearance attended our private residence for paperwork to be signed due to the fact that I could not attend the office due to work commitments. I was also with his approval able to keep my account up to date by paying it in installments which took the pressure off of me in finding large lump sums to keep my case going, something I was most appreciative of to him and his staff.

At all times Mark was personable, easy to deal with, compassionate and dealt with all issues in a professional manner. I would have no problems in recommending Mark Francis, his firm and staff to anyone dealing with divorce or serious family law related matters.


Unfortunate circumstances placed us in a legal territory unknown to us, your expertise were exactly what we needed. The whole team operation respected and fought for our family values which was very important to us. Your continual communication and knowledgeable advice through a very stressful time was very comforting and put us at ease. We would like to give a special thank you to Mark Francis for is unrelenting control of the case from start to finish.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Family Lawyers & Mediation Services to anyone in need of a family law representative.

I highly recommend mark and family lawyers and meditation services, as going thru a divorce is very stressful and needing the right advice in these times are vital. Mark’s approach is direct and in accordance with the law, his knowledge reflects his actions with great results.

When I first went to Mark, a friend of my daughters told me about him. I found him to be down to earth and I could understand what he was talking about. Then when I needed further advice, I tried a solicitor closer to home but they wouldn’t take the time to understand my situation and as a result gave me incorrect advice. I went back to find Mark and he asked questions and took the time to understand me and my situation before advising me on what my options were.

Mark was able to resolve the problem eventually by working through the process. Mark understood the process and timeframes and explained these to me as we went. He was also able to help me understand what was happening and what my options were. Sometimes, I came up with some of my own solutions and Mark was able to tell me if they were realistic and how we could try to make them a plan.

I felt very confident with Mark working with me because he understood my concerns, fears and any misunderstandings that I had about process and possible outcomes. He appeared confident and rational in the way he assessed options.

I would recommend Family Lawyers and Mediation Services to anyone having a family dispute because they are realistic, good at explaining options in ways that I can understand and make me feel like I am not alone in a very confusing situation.

Thank you Mark. Very grateful for your help & the services of your team. Thanks again.

Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for your advice this morning. I really appreciate all your help in my separation issues.

Kind Regards.

I have used Mark Francis for both my property settlement and for a parenting plan. I find Mark very easy to discuss matters with and is very responsive in his responses. Mark was very quick to organize my parenting plan and I had the matter dealt with in a very reasonable time frame. In regards to my property settlement Mark acted as instructed and was very competent in with dealing with these matters. I was referred to Mark from another client and have referred Mark to other potential clients also.


I would like to say a thank you, to you and staff Samantha and Tamara At Family Lawyers and Mediation Services for the work and support that you all gave me through a difficult time in my life where I was vulnerable, with no knowledge of dealing with the legal matter.

The staff were so very helpful answering questions I had. Dealing with the Bank that was difficult, unhelpful and no communication within the bank or anyone else which made things frustrating but I was truly blessed by the team work at Family Lawyers & Mediation Services. Their helpfulness for standing in the gap for me in dealing with a difficulty and reassuring me I would try like to thank you all for everything you’ve don. You all went way and beyond.

Mark was efficient, approachable and made the process much less stressful, with realistic outcomes.

My brother, Peter, found your company with the big dramas that our Dad was going through. Mark was so understanding with Dad, his health and what he was going through, along with with his 4 children. I know Dad appreciated Marks acknowledgment of how much his health was improving and then Mark had to go to Mediation with Dad and us 4 kids, then there was the court case, again, Mark was wonderful and kept Dad, a fiery Irishman, very calm and helped him get through this very difficult time. Mark was then Dads lawyer right through until the end. Mark and Sam had to put up with a bit from 4 siblings that didn’t see eye to eye. I thank you for your compassion and your understanding along with your total professionalism. I couldn’t recommend you and your firm enough. Many thanks.

Thank you for all your help.

“Thank you so very much for today Mark (our partner Mark Francis), I’m still coming down from cloud nine. Your work and professionalism is so much appreciated.”

Received by the firm after a court appearance on behalf of the client

In what I would consider to be the most traumatic experience of my life, FLMS showed genuine care and made me feel less overwhelmed. I was confident in their ability to get the best result for me in what could have been a tedious, drawn out and unpleasant experience. I would thoroughly recommend Family Lawyers and Mediation Services for their professionalism and attention to detail.

Unfortunate circumstances placed us in a legal territory unknown to us, your expertise were exactly what we needed. The whole team operation respected and fought for our family values which was very important to us. Your continual communication and knowledgeable advice through a very stressful time was very comforting and put us at ease. We would like to give a special thank you to Mark Francis for his unrelenting control of the case from start to finish. I would have no hesitation in recommending Family Lawyers & Mediation Services to anyone in need of a family law representative.

I would like to thank FLMS for their professionalism, understanding and patience throughout the course of our sons case from start to finish. Special thanks to Mark Francis, and I can’t forget the lovely girls, Tamara and Taryn for your support. With all your talents and expertise this is what makes a great team and I would recommend this company.

I would like to thank you for your professional advice, and should the need for your services arise in the future, I will be in contact.

Thank you for finalising my transfer of the property under the Court Order. The whole process was seamless.