How Do I Deal with the Children’s Arrangements?

First, try to resolve issues directly with each other if you can otherwise start the process of  family dispute resolution otherwise known as mediation. In fact, in most circumstances you have to attempt mediation and make a genuine effort to resolve your issues (otherwise called family dispute resolution) before any court applications can apply.  There are exceptions to that general rule such as in cases of urgency and the presence of family violence.

The mediation must be conducted by an mediator who is a registered family dispute resolution practitioner.  Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners have undergone extensive training and have a great deal of experience in conducting family mediations.

There are private mediators or government appointed mediators operating out of Family Relationship Centres funded by the Federal Government.  The choice is yours but of course private mediators charge fees as we do and usually our services can be conducted in a much shorter space of time than Family Relationship Centres.  We will help you develop a parenting plan during the mediation process.

Visit our mediation pages for more information on the professional mediation services we offer.

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