Mediation using telephone and online video conferencing

There have been many advances in technology over the last few years.  Many of us use Skype regularly and many of us have computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones that are capable of being used to hold online video meetings.

Family mediations and other mediations of a general nature are suitable undertake mediation either through video conferencing or of course by telephone conferencing.  (I often use Skype for telephone mediations).

Online and telephone mediation are most useful when distance between parties means they cannot easily meet in the same place.  In family mediations it can be an effective means of resolving issues where family violence is alleged and/or one of the parties is subject to a domestic violence order preventing contact with the other party in person.  (Most orders have provisos that allow parties to be in the same building/room for the purposes of mediation.)

I have conducted many mediations by telephone and also video conferencing and can say that outcomes can be achieved with similar rates of success to parties mediating face to face.  The Queensland Legal Aid Office has routinely conducted telephone mediations for a number of years and has high rates of success.  I know the process works in the telephone and online environment because I have conducted many both privately and also for the Legal Aid Office over the last 20 years.

So why not contact me now by telephone, chat or Skype for an initial information session before you make a more formal appointment for an intake session.  Telephone and online mediations are conducted at a discounted rate.  I know mediation works and I can help you resolve the conflict you may now be engaged in.