COVID-19 Updates



During the COVID 19 pandemic FLMS will continue to operate as we have for the last 17 years.  We will be in full operation in catering for our client’s needs and also our future clients.  However, that will mean that we will be engaging in “online” communication and appointments.

Our staff will be working remotely away from our office.  Our office will not be physically open with the exception that Notary Public clients will still be able to make physical appointments at our Springwood Office by prior arrangement only.  Notary Public clients will need to call or book online before arriving at the office and confirm that they are not subject to isolation or confinement restrictions or have any present illness.

Our “online” processes include the following:

  • Telephone communication as normal. We encourage you to book online if you need to consult with your lawyer or to make an initial appointment.
  • Our website has a “Client Login” page for our existing clients which can be found at the very top of our website. Existing clients can contact us via our secure “Portal” which allows for the upload/download of documents together with secure messaging.
  • New clients seeking appointments can book and participate in appointments by:
    • Telephone (voice only)
    • Zoom (voice and/or video)
    • Skype is also available for voice and/or video
  • Most documents that require signature will be forwarded in an electronic format and be able to be signed “online” via your smart phone, tablet or computer via Signnow, the program we use for electronic signing of documents. Signnow will allow you to easily sign the document and it will provide you with a signed copy.

In short, we can virtually undertake all our usual work with the exception of physical face to face appointments.

This is a difficult period for all Australians, and we are all in it together.  We will strive to continue to provide our family law, mediation and notary public services in the coming months ahead as we have always done.

Please ensure that you abide by all government health announcements and practice good hygiene so that we can all return to our “normal” lives and without the unnecessary loss of life.

The Family Courts

The Courts remain operational but at reduced capacity and are also dealing with most matters in court by telephone.  You can learn more by visiting the Family Court update page


20 March 2020

We are implementing processes to minimise any risks or disruption in relation to COVID-19.

To ensure the care of both our clients and our team, we will be minimising physical in-office meetings by making best use of technology. We recommend that meetings are done by phone or video conferencing wherever possible.

From this point onwards we ask that you:

– Use the phone and/or email as your first point of contact with us or book appointments through our website for telephone and/or video conferencing;;
– Follow the latest government medical advice by letting us know if you are feeling unwell, have travelled overseas in the last 14 days, and/or have been in contact with anyone who has been overseas in the last 14 days or is unwell; and
– Let us know if you become unwell within 14 days of having been in our office or if you are later diagnosed with COVID-19.

We will keep you updated as the medical advice from the government changes. It may be that at some point we will operate our office remotely with all staff operating from home. In this way, we will be able to continue to assist you with as little disruption as possible.