Collaborative Surrogacy Representation

Simply put, collaboratively trained family lawyers are not adversarial lawyers. The ultimate goal of a surrogacy arrangement is for a child to be born that is loved in an open based relationship, taking into account the needs and aspirations of both the birth mother and the intended parents.  Collaboratively trained lawyers work together with all of the parties involved to help achieve that very outcome.

They have been trained how to work together for the benefit of their respective clients and to:

Help the parties collaborate and create a surrogacy agreement that is in the best interests of all;

Assist and direct the parties to helpful professionals who will guide them through the surrogacy process;

Refer and assist both parties to health professionals who are qualified under the Surrogacy Act to give appropriate reports;

Help both of the parties create the documents that are required to be filed in Court;

Provide the required legal advice to both parties;

Collaboratively file the Application in the Court; and

Attend the Court to represent both parties interests.


If this sounds an attractive option to help you to reach a successful outcome in a surrogacy arrangement Randal Binnie can meet with you and arrange a collaborative lawyer to act for the other party.