Specialist Accreditation

The Queensland Law Society specialist accreditation program was established in 1995 to provide guidance to members of the public who need legal services in certain areas, and encouragement to members of the profession who wish to specialise.
Randal Binnie is a Queensland Law Society Accredited Family Law Specialist and has 20 years legal and mediation experience.
The criteria for the appointment as a specialist by the Queensland Law Society as follows:  “In addition to having extensive experience, accredited specialists are solicitors who have satisfactorily completed an advanced assessment program in a particular area of law. Although all solicitors may advertise their expertise in the areas in which they practise, only those solicitors accredited by QLS may claim or state in any advertising that they are accredited specialists.  Accredited specialists must apply for re-accreditation each year. They must pay an annual re-accreditation fee, maintain a substantial involvement in the practice area and undertake in the previous year additional hours of continuing legal education in the area of law in which they are accredited.”
The specialist accreditation symbol and description Accredited Specialist or derivatives of those words can only be used by Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists