These brochures containing information are required to be considered in property settlement and spouse maintenance matters under the Family Law Act and it is important that you read them:

  1. “Pre-Action Procedures for Financial Matters” – Click here
  2. “Duty of Disclosure and Family Law Proceedings” – click here
  3. “Marriage Families & Separation” – Click here

Marriage relationships

  1. Family Law Act Sections 79(4) – Click here and
  2. Section 75(2)-  Click here and
  3. Part VIIIB (Superannuation Interests) which you will find in the Act in the index.

Defacto Relationships 

  1. Section 90 SF-  Click here
  2. Section 90SM – Click here and
  3. Part VIIIB Family Law Act (Superannuation Interests) which you will find in the Act in the index..

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If you are not a client of this firm then if you have an queries or require further explanation you should obtain independent legal advice.