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Randal Binnie, a Brisbane based Nationally Accredited Mediator and registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, is a partner at Family Lawyers & Mediation Services.

Brisbane Family Mediations can be arranged in Brisbane City and surrounds as well as our Springwood office. Contact us for more details.

With around 25 years of family mediation experience Randal will help you to resolve family custody and property settlement issues in a cost effective and timely manner whilst protecting you and the other parties from the destructive nature of litigation in the Family Courts.

Don’t let issues get out of hand Mediate & Resolve your family law issues contact Randal now for an appointment to arrange an invitation to be sent to the other parent in a parenting matter or property settlement matter.

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    Randal Binnie
    Nationally Accredited Mediator
    Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner
    Accredited Family Law Specialist
    Notary Public

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    Family Lawyers & Mediation Services
    Pacific Place
    10 Old Chatswood Road
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    +61 7 38043244

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Randal Binnie

Professional Mediator/Notary Public/Family Lawyer

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