Notary fees are charged both on a fixed fee and time basis

Notary services are not free and there is no particular scale of fees which apply to Notaries Public in Queensland. The fees charged by our Notary, Randal Binnie, are based upon his hourly rate charged in his legal practice. Usually fees for services range from $165 to $220 inclusive of GST, simple certification of a single or multiple documents start at $110.  Higher fees may apply to complex documents and drafting of documents by the Notary or where the Notary services extend beyond half an hour.

You may obtain a quote prior to the appointment if the documents to be dealt with can be emailed together with any instructions you may have received from the originating country. Payment of fees is required at the time of the appointment. EFTPOS facilities are available or payments may be made in cash. If the appointment is out of normal office hours EFTPOS facilities will not be available. Out of hours and out of office appointments are available on request but will incur additional fees.

Proof of Identity 
Proof of identity is always required where a document is being witnessed and not less that required by banks) preferably consisting of driver licence and passport where possible.

Office Procedure

Make an appointment first either by calling 07 38043244 or online. When attending for your appointment make sure you have:

  • the documents to be dealt with, either hard or digital copies;
  • a copy of any instructions you may have received from the country of origin;
  • your identifying documents;
  • then our staff will collect the documents from you;
  • the Notary will attend upon you to ensure your instructions and the scope of the work is understood and then undertake the agreed work;
  • the Notarised documents will be returned to you upon payment of your account. We can also email a copy of the documents to yourself;
  • the Notary is obliged to keep a record of all documents which he deals with and they are scanned electronically for safe keeping.

If you are seeking a quote you will need to email the documents to the Notary first and advise of the scope of the work you believe is required. Otherwise please make an appointment via the online booking buttons.  Otherwise bring the documents with you together with your photographic identifying documents – usually your passport and driver licence as a minimum.