General Disputes

Mediation is effective in all areas of life. Mediation processes assist people to reolve disputes by taking part in the problem solving process themselves.

Neighbourhood disputes are often destructive of otherwise necessary good relationships with our neighbours. Issues can spiral out of hand quickly and the parties involved will often not engage in direct conversation with a view to resolving the dispute. A mediator will help the parties understand the issues and focus on solutions. Neighbourhood disputes if left unchecked have led to physical violence and offences against property.

Engage in Mediation at the earliest opportunity.

Work Place disputes result in those involved feeling depressed, anxious and importantly for their employer, not as productive as they could be. Unhappiness in the workplace affects all in the workplace not just those in conflict.

Mediation processes can help work colleagues understand each others point of view and help build appropriate responses in the future.

Randal Binnie

Professional Mediator/Notary Public/Family Lawyer

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