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If you need to have a discussion with your lawyer about your matter either by telephone, personally at our office or via a video conference feel free to use our online booking system to book an appointment with either Mark or Randal by clicking on the links below.

Save on Travel – Telephone or Video Conference

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Client Cyber Alert

Cyber Alert

Funds transfer critical information

People across Australia hav√e lost money when hackers have impersonated a law practice or another party involved in a legal matter by altering electronic communications including email, fax, social media, text, instant messaging, applications, file sharing and documents including PDF or Word documents. The following steps are critical to reduce this risk and if you are involved in a transfer of funds these are our expectations of you in helping to reduce the risk of such loss.

To Family Lawyers & Mediation Services. In this matter, where payment details are contained in an electronic communication or document:

X Transfer any funds (send, deposit, pay or transfer) of more than $1,000 Australian dollars or its equivalent in any other currency without first telephoning the apparent sender to verbally confirm the account number, details and amounts by reading out and reading back the account and BSB numbers (or other specific payment details where applicable, e.g. if not a bank account) and confirming any instructions; and
Give the same warnings to anyone else known to be connected to the matter and anticipated to be involved in transferring or receiving any funds (including but not limited to, agents, brokers, family members, accountants).

I will also:

  • when calling to check payment details above, ensure that I do not make contact using a phone number for the apparent sender listed in any communication or document that asks for money or sets out account numbers or details without first checking the phone number from a source that is different to that communication, for example a separate paper communication or checking the person’s website or white or yellow pages telephone listing;
  • contact the sender to check legitimacy before I open attachments, or click on hyperlinks or download buttons in unexpected emails; and
  • contact you immediately if in any doubt about emails or any other electronic communications that appear to have come from you.
PLEASE NOTE: Family Lawyers & Mediation Services will not transfer money out of our practice until we are able to verify any bank account by a voice call to confirm those details (by reading out and reading back the account and BSB numbers or other specific payment details where applicable, e.g. if not a bank account). You must make sure you can be contacted if you need any funds transferred by a specific time, otherwise your objectives may not be met.


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